CPSC Board Meeting 2016-03-16

  • Consent Agenda:
  • Beginning our Strategic Planning Process - John
  • Working as Ambassadors - Geoffrey and Aubrey
    • The Development Committee will explain how board members can help with attracting Strawberry Festival sponsors and Annual Fund Donors. Materials to be distributed at meeting.
  • Finance Committee - Eric
  • Equity in Action - John, Dexter, Stef Bernal Martinez(1st grade teacher) and Yolanda Brown (Parent)
    • John, Dexter, Stef and Yolanda will help us understand, discuss and embrace CPSC's commitment to equity as it is related to our mission and vision for our children. To be prepared for the discussion, please read the following: (link coming soon)
  • Girls of Color group - Stef's description - see John's letter to parents (N&A 3-8-16) about inclusivity
  • New members - John, Vicky, Dexter
  • Adjourn
Wednesday, March 16, 2016
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