CPSC Board Meeting 2015-06-17


  • Call to Order
  • Adopt minutes of last meeting (coming soon)
  • Governance Committee (GC) recommendations for board vote:
    • Welcome and vote on two new board members, Joe Fitzsimons (assuming Laura's term with two years remaining) and Geoffrey Phillippe (for a three year term). 
    • GC recommends that we extend board membership for another 3 year term for Bob Chapman and Alan Staple. Both have agreed to continue serving. 
    • GC recommends Jackie Terrell to assume the chairmanship for the Governance Committee.
    • GC recommends Geoffrey Phillippe as chair of the Development Committee.
    • GC recommends Joe Fitzsimons as chair of the Facilities Committee.
    • All members should fill out the Conflict of Interest forms - These will be available at the meeting. FYI the Board's existing Conflict of Interest Policy is part of CPSC by-laws (page 8) attached.
  • Finance Committee recommends (see all attached):
    Proposed Budget Notes
    15-16 DPI budget 
    14-15 YTD budget
  • Formal adoption of the authorization to borrow from BB&T (approved by email)
  • Following the recommendation of Related Parties Committee, the CPSC board will be given quarterly reports of the Foundation's finances (attached).
  • John recommends we adopt the Parent Handbook (revisions list here; original on website; Middle School Addendum also). The handbook explains CPSC policy for our parents.
  • John's report (attached)
  • Adjourn


There will be a short meeting of the CPSC Foundation Board. All are welcome to attend. Current members of the Foundation Board are Vicky (President), Alan Staple (Treasurer), Bob Chapman and Karen Stinehelfer. John serves as Secretary.

Agenda for the meeting of the CPSC Foundation Board of Directors

June 17, 2015 immediately following the CPSC Board Meeting

Enjoy dinner together!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
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