Kudos from NC Office of Charter Schools

The NC Office of Charter Schools acknowledged Central Park School for Children as a model charter school in the areas of academics, finances, and operations.

In January 2016, the NC State Board of Education discussed the Annual Report on Charter Schools provided by the Office of Charter Schools. In the report, CPSC was acknowledged as being a model for other charters for our academic, financial and operational performance. Of the state’s 146 charter schools, we were one of nine (the top 7%!) that received a "high quality" rating of our outcomes for children, and met all of the new Performance Framework requirements. An excerpt from the attached report is below:

In order for a school to be judged successful or "high quality," the State Board has established that the school must meet or exceed standards for performance in the academic, operational, and financial realms, as measured in through the Charter Schools Performance Framework. The initial Charter School Performance Framework was released on June 1, 2015. This Framework included three performance area evaluations that incorporated both legal requirements and accepted best practices in accordance with National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA). Out of the 146 charter schools in operation in 2014-15, nine charter schools or 6.2% were fully compliant on all three areas (note: 21 charter schools that did not have academic data because they were in the first year of operation were not included in the analysis). Those nine charter schools serve as a model of academic, financial and operational performance for other operating charter schools.
—NC Office of Charter Schools, Annual Report on Charter Schools, page 21

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