Lottery Results - Frequently Asked Questions

Central Park School for Children's admissions lottery was held on Tuesday, March 13, 2018. This year, around 1000 prospective students applied for approximately 70 available spaces.

I'm number X -- what does that mean?

The number of spots we are able to offer in each grade varies. We list ALL applicants on our Lottery Results page, along with the number of spots we are able to offer in each grade. We start contacting families on the day of the lottery. We will continue contacting families until all seats are filled — and that process continues up to the first day of school. Not everyone accepts their spot, and families do leave CPSC, so families high on the wait list are often (but not always) offered enrollment. In 2017-18, in a few grades, we offered spots to every waitlisted student.

How many spots do you have for each grade?

Available spots for 2018-19 will be announced on the day of the lottery. Those numbers will be subject to change.

Do you pull from the waitlist throughout the year?

No. Except for very special circumstances, we add students only until the 20th day of school.

What happens if a spot opens up once school has started?

If your family is high on the waitlist, you and your child may wish to avoid going out of town during the first 20 days of school. If we call to offer you a spot, ideally we would like you to bring your child to school that day. The first few days of school are critical for building classroom community. Also, our funding depends on having students in seats on the first day of school.

Will the results page show my current position on the wait list?

No. The Lottery Results list will not be updated, and will be removed from our website after a few days.

The waitlist number on my email doesn't match the number on the website!

The numbers can change as we correct errors and make enrollment offers.

How fast does the waitlist move? What is my child's chance of getting in?

It's not something we can predict. If you're 50th on the waitlist and the 49 families ahead of you decline an offered spot, you'll get the spot. If you're first on the waitlist and no current students leave, you will not get a spot.

Does it help my chances if I attend the lottery?

No, it doesn't matter at all.

This page (Lottery Results - Frequently Asked Questions) last updated March 26, 2018