We teach Habits of Mind: Curiosity, Imagination, Agility, Openness, and Initiative.
In our school community, any individual or group is welcomed, respected, supported, and valued to fully participate.
Our teaching practices are guided by the best available research into how children learn.
Children are naturally full of life, power and confidence.
Children develop best in a community where curiosity, challenges and learning are valued.
Our students develop habits, skills and creativity to make the world a better place.


Greetings Central Park Community! Our 2020-21 Lottery Application is now available. The application will be available from November 1 - February 28. Our lottery will run March 3, 2020. We have computers available on both campuses if you would like to complete the application on site. If you haven't already, please sign up for a campus tour. To learn more about our application process and our preferences for admissions read more at CPSC Admissions Page. If you have any questions about the lottery process please contact Christina Fountain, Director of Student Services, christina@cpsfc.org. Nidia Ramiriez, our Latinx Family Liaison is also available to assist families who may need interpretation. She can be reached at nidia@cpsfc.org

¡Saludos a la comunidad de Central Park! Nuestra solicitud de lotería 2020-21 ya está disponible. La aplicación estará disponible del 1 de noviembre al 28 de febrero. Nuestra lotería se realizará el 3 de marzo de 2020. Tenemos computadoras disponibles en ambos campus si desea completar la solicitud en el sitio. Si aún no lo ha hecho, regístrese para un recorrido por el campus. Para obtener más información sobre nuestro proceso de solicitud y nuestras preferencias de admisión, lea más en la página de admisiones de la CPSC. Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el proceso de lotería, comuníquese con Christina Fountain, Directora de Servicios Estudiantiles, christina@cpsfc.org. Nidia Ramiriez, nuestro enlace familiar de Latinx también está disponible para ayudar a las familias que necesiten interpretación. Ella puede ser contactada en nidia@cpsfc.org

An Uncommon Education


To create a community rooted in justice and equity where all children thrive.

Values Guiding Our Work with Children

We honor and nurture the whole unique child. We believe and cherish that:

  • Children grow from the richness of diversity in community--racial, ethnic, social, religious, gender, and learning style.
  • Children are inherently curious and imaginative.
  • Children are naturally eager to understand their world and communicate their ideas.

We honor and nurture each child’s:

  • Capacity for kindness, empathy, generosity, and truthfulness.
  • Ability to explore, understand, and change the world through learned skills in math, language arts, scientific method, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Right to learn through play, art, music, dance, and drama.
  • Need for outdoor learning--including games, imaginative play, and exploration of the natural world.

Supporting Values for the School

  • Research guides our decision-making.
  • Great teachers are at the heart of the learning process, and we provide them with opportunities to collaborate, network, and grow professionally.
  • We innovate and embrace solutions toward racial, economic, and language equity.
  • We build our community through partnerships.
  • We ensure sustainable finances and seek resources to support outrageously ambitious projects.
  • We believe in and contribute to high-quality public education, critical to a great democracy.

Our All Children Thriving Goals include:

    1. Accelerate Social Justice

    2. Advance Equity in Instruction and Learning

    3. Shift and Share Power with all our People

    4. Promote Healthy Integration for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

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