We Love Our Volunteers!

CPSC depends on our parent partners and other volunteers to accomplish our goals. Family involvement is a cornerstone of our charter and mission, and our vibrant parent community does amazing things for our school. Each family is asked to volunteer for CPSC at least four hours per month.

There are lots of ways to get involved at the school or from home! Ask your child’s teacher for suggestions, or ask at the front office.

Watch for the launch of CPSC's PTA in fall 2016.

Background Checks

School volunteers and field trip drivers must apply online for a background check. It takes just a few minutes and it helps ensure everyone's safety.

Needed Items

CPSC welcomes donations of various supplies and materials. Ask your child’s teacher what you can contribute, or check our In-Kind Gifts page.

This page (Volunteering) last updated March 6, 2016