Camp Programs

CPSC offers week-long camps during intersession breaks, as well as day camps during partial school weeks.

Camp hours are 8:30-5:30 pm.

Camps are themed and offered to children in kindergarten through 8th grade. Students attending other schools may attend CPSC camps, though financial aid is not available for these families.

Payment Information

Week-long camps are $250 for the first child and $200 for each additional sibling.

Day camps are $50 per child.

Camps are 25% off for families who qualify for free and reduced lunch.

Additional financial aid is available by filling out our Application for Additional Financial Aid.

Camp payments can be made via PayPal on our Payments tab, or by check at the elementary school front office.

Payments must be made prior to the first day of camp.


Parents must register their child(ren) in order to attend camps.

Registration opens at least 3 weeks before each intersession break begins.


If your child becomes ill or you have a family emergency during a camp, we can offer a refund or put that money toward a camp in the future.

If we must ask your child to leave camp due to behavior issues, we are unable to offer a refund.

All rules in the CPSC Parent Handbook apply to the Camps program.

Questions about Camps? Please contact...

Eli Carley: eli [at] or 919-682-1200, Ext. 126
for info about camp programming

Kendra Madding: kendra [at] or 530-448-6915
for info about camp payments

This page (Camps) last updated April 25, 2018