CPSC Middle School

Associate Director Tiffany Grant with CPSC Middle School students

CPSC's Middle School serves fifth through eighth grades. The middle school is at 121 Hunt Street, half a mile southeast of our elementary school building and just a block east of Durham's Central Park. Our mascot is the phoenix.

CPSC Middle School empowers all students to become ethical, caring, and critical democratic citizens. We are dedicated to creating a diverse, safe, and supportive community where our students can take risks, grow, and explore their unique strengths and interests.

The CPSC Middle School Experience

We aim to graduate students who are . . .

  • independent, lifelong learners
  • creative, critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • able to learn from both their successes and their mistakes
  • active, compassionate and responsible citizens, who are caring and curious about the world.
  • effective communicators
  • able to get along and work well with others
  • well equipped with the skills and habits of mind needed to lead productive lives and the confidence to pursue their goals.

Hallmarks of our school include . . .

  • academic rigor
  • authentic project-based learning
  • service learning
  • diversity
  • high expectations
  • empathy and caring
  • respectful conflict resolution
  • community and family engagement
  • health and wellness
  • outdoor learning
  • integrated arts
  • emphasis on cooperation
  • child-centered, differentiated instruction
  • community of independent, lifelong learners

What Sets Us Apart?

Project Based Learning

Our Project Based Learning-inspired curriculum takes CPSC's child-centered, hands-on approach to the next level for students entering adolescence. PBL is active, challenging and collaborative. With its emphasis on adventure and exploration, a focus on justice and equity, and its incorporation of service, fieldwork, and outdoor learning, PBL is a natural fit for our young scholars.

Creative Learning

Arts and technology are woven into our curriculum, giving students lots of outlets for their ideas. Our electives/specials programming offers art, chorus, strings, technology/maker, and more.

Service Learning

By offering their time and skills to the community, our students blossom into responsible, compassionate, contributing members of society. Whether it's reading with CPSC kindergartners or filling a need for one of our neighbors, service learning is a regular part of our school week.

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