We have updated our COVID-19 Policies. Please refer here to see our updated protocols.

Central Park School for Children completed our 2021-22 Lottery on March 2, 2021. Our waitlist is posted here and updated every Wednesday. If you have questions related to your child's enrollment status, please email christina@cpsfc.org.

CPSC Family Need Request Form. During the ongoing crisis, if your family has a need that you're having trouble filling, please complete this form and we will reach out with the help and guidance we can provide. Formulario de solicitud de necesidad familiar de la CPSC. Durante la crisis actual, si su familia tiene la necesidad de que tenga problemas para llenarla, complete este formulario y nos comunicaremos con usted con la ayuda y orientación que podemos brindarle.

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An Uncommon Education


To create a community rooted in justice and equity where all children thrive.

Values Guiding Our Work with Children

We honor and nurture the whole unique child. We believe and cherish that:

  • Children grow from the richness of diversity in community--racial, ethnic, social, religious, gender, and learning style.
  • Children are inherently curious and imaginative.
  • Children are naturally eager to understand their world and communicate their ideas.

We honor and nurture each child’s:

  • Capacity for kindness, empathy, generosity, and truthfulness.
  • Ability to explore, understand, and change the world through learned skills in math, language arts, scientific method, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Right to learn through play, art, music, dance, and drama.
  • Need for outdoor learning--including games, imaginative play, and exploration of the natural world.

Supporting Values for the School

  • Research guides our decision-making.
  • Great teachers are at the heart of the learning process, and we provide them with opportunities to collaborate, network, and grow professionally.
  • We innovate and embrace solutions toward racial, economic, and language equity.
  • We build our community through partnerships.
  • We ensure sustainable finances and seek resources to support outrageously ambitious projects.
  • We believe in and contribute to high-quality public education, critical to a great democracy.

Our All Children Thriving Goals include:

    1. Accelerate Social Justice

    2. Advance Equity in Instruction and Learning

    3. Shift and Share Power with all our People

    4. Promote Healthy Integration for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

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